From 16 hours
Up to 1 month

Teams up to 20 people

Practical Tools & Applications

Demands high interactivity

100% Customized to particular needs

Delivered worldwide, in English or Greek

“Teamwork builds champions.”

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision.  It is the art of aligning individual performance to organisational objectives thus ensuring extraordinatry results and unparalleled corporate culture.

To whom it is addressed:

The Effective Teamwork Training Program is addressed to executives that lead or are part of teams. The program is 100% customized based on the particular team’s needs and level of experience.

Program Levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


The participants will tackle important issues and will participate in simple but enlightening games leading to fundamental principles for effective teamwork.

The training is 100% interactive. It is a highly intensive course, with a plethora of practical exercises in order for the participants to try new techniques, experiment themselves and evaluate new tools and methods that they can adopt immediately in their everyday work.


Purpose & Commitments

Participants will have the opportunity to learn new approaches about teamwork, self reflect, evaluate current processes, become more human in an environment where people have the most critical role. Commitments and obligations from facilitator and participants.

Job Crafting

A complete session in order to redefine the job design of each team member individually in order to achieve highest satisfaction and engagement. Alignment of the redesigned job description to the mission and vision of the company.

Warm up Games

In this session participants will play games that are used in theatre in order to formulate effective teams. The games also touch upon the importance of “being present” during collaborations and personal responsibility in collective achievement.

The 5+1 Enemies of World Class Teams

The 5+1 most important enemies of effective teamwork. Which are they, how they operate and how they can be avoided. Self evaluation, commitments and action planning.

3 Crucial Traits & Commitments

The 3 crucial communication and behavioural rules for effective teamwork. Which are they, their importance, why they are not usually implemented and how they can be realistically applied. Self evaluation, commitments and action planning.

World Class Team Case Study

A case study about a world class team. The importance of self leadership in teamwork. Videos with examples. The importance of trying to become better.

The Human Moment at Work

What does it mean to have empathy – for yourself and for the team. The importance of “human moments”. Self evaluation, commitments and action planning.

The Importance of Attitude

Last thoughts. Example of action plan. The importance of attitude in teamwork.

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