From 16 hours
Up to 6 months

Teams up to 20 people

Practical Tools & Applications

Demands high interactivity

100% Customized to particular needs

Delivered worldwide, in English or Greek

“A presentation can change the world.”

The ability to create content and even more the ability to communicate this content in an honest, efficient, original and authentic way is one of the most common challenges all executives face. Especially in today’s world, with all the information abundance, plethora of imagery and limited attention span , the need to distinguish yourself is even greater.

To whom it is addressed:

The Effective Presentation Skills Training Program is addressed to executives that are required to present (or train) in front of small or large audiences. The program is 100% customized based on the particular team’s needs and level of experience.

Program Levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Performance boost, for executives with great experience who wish to reach professional level


The content of the program is based on the philosophy that in order to have a remarkable presentation – despite public opinion – doesn’t have to do with talent but instead with the use of proper methodology, right approach and of course hard and targeted effort.

The training is 100% interactive. It is inspired by theater and performing arts and is translated into the every day business world covering all aspects required for memorable presence.

The participants will try new techniques, will experiment with themselves and will evaluate tools that they can easily adopt in their everyday work.



Introduction  |  Target  |  Intentions  |   Stress  |  What makes a Presentation hard  |  Expectations & Realistic Targets

Experiential Session #1

Preparation  |  Presenting  | Evaluation from facilitator & participants


The importance of structure  |  Preparation methods & presenting in 5 simple steps

Experiential Session #2

Presentation preparation using the new method |  Presenting |  Evaluation from facilitator & participants  |  Discussion – Experiences


What is Context |  With or without context?  |  Identifying the audience  |  Techniques for evaluating context  |  Personal Exercise & Applications  | Group Exercise & Applications

Being Personal is Important

Personal style | Style’s importance | What to keep and what to leave behind | Examples

Methods of Presenting the Content

How to present content  |  Frameworks & Contrasts  |  Exercises & applications

Movements & Expressive Means

Theory  |  Expression Exercises  |  Body Language  |  Voice & Body   |  Preparation right before delivery

How to Start & Finish a Presentation

14 ways to start a presentation  |  The finale – how to conclude a presentation | Approaches – Examples | Story Telling Secrets

Q&A Sessions

Q&As | 4 approaches to delivering answers to audience questions | Transitions & transition words

Conquering Anxiety & Stress

Why we have stress | Management | Breathing | Managing Emotional States | 3 Presence Methods | The rehearsal

Final Presentations

Final presentations | Filming & evaluation from facilitator & participants

Why choose effective workshops


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