From 16 hours
Up to 3 months

Teams up to 20 people

Practical Tools & Applications

Demands high interactivity

100% Customized to particular needs

Delivered worldwide, in English or Greek

“The art of making Customers, not a sale.”

Sales are contigent upon the attitude of the salesman. People will always do bussines with those people they know, like and trust. But, opportunity usually lies out of our comfort zone. From cold calls to negotiation skills, thiis intensive course will give you the tools and right mindset to enable you to achieve extraordinary results.

To whom it is addressed:

The Effective Sales Training Program is addressed to executives that are in direct contact with customers, either as sales or customer service executives. The program is 100% customized based on the particular team’s needs and level of experience.

Program Levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Performance boost, for executives with great experience who wish to reach professional level


The content of the program is 100% customised in order to adapt to any situation, market, product or service. The complete course is structured in such a way in order to cover from A – Z of the complete sales process.  Based on particular needs and targets, special weight is given in each session. 

It is an intensive program with a plethora of practical excercises so that participants can try new techniques, experiment themselves and evaluate new tools and methods that they can adopt immediately in their everyday work.


The Basics of Sales

Redefining Sales | What it means to be a Salesman | Professional Salesman vs amateur Salesman | Commitments | The only reason poeople don’t love sales | The most important sale | Time and sales | Millionaire Time Management Tool | Group action planning

In Contact with the Customer

The first rule of sales |  Learn to agree | Credibility and trust | They believe only in what they see | Attitude | States of Mind Management | The art of giving – Why it is more important than sales | The price myth | The illusion of lack of money | The 3 Musts of the successful Salesman | 3 conditions of closing a sale

The Fundmental Steps

Sales roadmap | Greeting | Immediate problem solving | Investigation – Mistakes – Investigation purpose (what – why – how) | Right and wrong answers | Presentation – The right product choice | Features – Advantages – Benefits. DBM & APES | Closing a presentaion | Write Up

Completing the Sale

Closing a sale theory | 10 basic reasons for failing at closing a sale | Simple and advanced rules for closing a sale | Sales closing strategies | Sales closing techniques – time – value – product | Sales closing techniques for clients who tend to postpone their decision | Traditional and advanced techniques for closing a sale

Managing Objections

Theory | Steps for Masters | Objection types | The secrets of objections | Methodology to manage objections | Complaints vs. Objections | Personal responsibility | Using objections for closing the sale | 50 different types of objections and ways to manage them

Remarkable Follow Up

Follow up facts | The basic principles and mistakes of follow up | Effective follow up tools and methods | Prospects follow up strategy | Customers follow up strategy | The reasons they don’t buy from you | Advanced follow up methods

Mastering Cold Calls

Basic principles | Types | Preparation | “Overcoming the doorman” | Managing objections | Advanced Techniques


Basic techniques | Tips and tricks for prospecting | Managing lists | Warm Calls

Incoming Calls

Call types | Rules and effectiveness | Myths | Control | Salesman targets | Responsibilities and obligations | Ideas to avoid | Stages, control and booking a meeting

60 Habits + Motivation for Sales Executives

The trails of success | The 60 charachteristics of extremely effective salesmen | Potential – Mission – Confidence – Targets – Persistance

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