From 8 hours
Up to 16 hours

Teams up to 20 people

Practical Tools & Applications

Demands high interactivity

100% Customized to particular needs

Delivered worldwide, in English or Greek

“Reaching your highest potential. Leading your way to the future.”

The means, strategies and tools every professional needs in order to reach full potential.

We often see organisations with high potential executives unable to reach peak performance. In this workshop, participants will redesign the way they work and acknowledge the capabilities that will lead them to achieving extraordinary results for themselves and their organisation.

To whom it is addressed:

The Effective Be Your Best Self Ever Training Program is addressed to executives that are required to reach their full potential and ensure their organisation’s success. The program is 100% customized based on the particular team’s needs and level of experience.
It offers a holistic approach to ameliorating ones’ self and enhancing team potential as a whole. It is addressed to high potential executives aiming to achieve peak performance.


The content of the program is based on the philosophy that in order to achieve peak performance – despite public opinion – doesn’t have to do with talent but instead with the use of proper methodology, right approach, correct mindset and of course hard and targeted effort.

The training is 100% customised and requires high level of interaction.

The participants will try new techniques, will experiment with themselves and will evaluate tools that they can easily adopt in their everyday work.



Purpose | Flow | Expectations | Commitments


Which are your values and why it is important to identify them | Finfing your values | Rules | Aligning personal values to organisational values | Commitments | Action planning


Responsibility, definitions and applications | A remarkable equation – where you are and where you want to go | Lean into to it | Experiential excercises | Commitments to action plan

5+1 Enemies of Team Excellence

The enemies of excellence of remarkable teams | Analysis | Evaluation | Action planning

Managing Emotional Situations & Peak Performance

Managing emotional situations | Overcoming emotional barriers | How to maintain peak performance | Peak performance principles | Exercises & applications


The ability to do what is needed instead of what gives us satisfaction in the short-term | 10 science based methods of developing willpower | Action planning

A Tool for Personal Productivity

Productivity tool application | Exercises & applications

New Mindset

Viewing job desciptions and responsibilities from a new perspective | The 4 responsibilities | Action planning

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