From 8 hours
Up to 16 hours

Teams up to 20 people

Practical Tools & Applications

Demands high interactivity

100% Customized to particular needs

Delivered worldwide, in English or Greek

“Become “lethal”. Knowing how to use the phone can transform your life and business.”

This is a kind of a Masterclass using one of the most lethal tools available to a salesperson. Regardless the technological improvements, the rise of the internet and the extreme outspread of social media, the phone remains probably the most “lethal” weapon in the armoury of a sales professional and the most overlooked one for the mediocre players. There is not a single professional sales person who brings results and will disagree on the claim that “knowing how to use the phone can transform your life and business”.

This Masterclass will help you achieve exactly that.

To whom it is addressed:

The Effective Cold Calls Training Program is addressed to executives that are in direct contact with customers, either as sales or customer service executives. The program is 100% customized based on the particular team’s needs and level of experience.

Program Levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


The content of the program is 100% customised in order to adapt to any situation, market, product or service. The complete course is structured in such a way in order to cover from A – Z of the complete Cold Calls sales process.  Based on particular needs and targets, special weight is given in each session. 

It is an intensive program with a plethora of practical excercises so that participants can try new techniques, experiment themselves and evaluate new tools and methods that they can adopt immediately in their everyday work.


Getting Into their Minds

You can’t be a master in cold calling if you can’t get into the minds of your potential customers. This section will help you learn how to understand who is your client and what to handle him/her.


Knowing the art and craft of prospecting is essential to any salesperson. Knowing how prospecting and cold calls intersect is crucial to your success. This section is about becoming great at prospecting.

The Fundamentals & The Different Types of a Cold Call

We must know what we don’t know. This is the section where we will get deep into the fundamentals of cold calling and the various types of cold calls.

States of Mind for Cold Calling

The importance of your states of mind when you are cold calling and your preparation before starting cold calls can’t be stressed enough. In this section you will learn the best strategies to manage your states of mind while cold calling and how to best prepare so to ensure your success.

The Process

The steps of the cold call and the purpose of each.

The Gate Keeper

This is the greatest obstacle in cold calling (and in sales generally). During this section you will learn everything you need to pass the gate keeper and go for the sale.

Objections During The Cold Call & What To Do

This is the barrier that most sales professionals are not able to deal with. Knowing how your prospects will object and on what as well as how you should respond to, is absolutely indispensable if you want to make the phone a money making machine for your company. This is what this section is about.

Final Thoughts & Tips

Final thoughts and some extremely effective strategies to use in cold calling. Exercises & Commitments.

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